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FAQ & Support

I cannot see the videos!

Make sure your device is connected to wireless/internet. If the internet speed is too slow or you have a poor wireless signal, please move to a location with a stronger connection.

I cannot hear the videos!

The device you are viewing the application on has several sound options. Here is a simple checklist to make sure you get the best experience: 1st, make sure your device is not in Silent/Vibrate mode. 2nd, Check to see if the side switch (location on the top right of the iPad, and top left of the iPhone) is set so that the orange color DOES NOT show. 3rd, double press the Home button to reveal the drawer of open applications, swipe from left to right to reveal additional options. The left most button may be a “mute” button or “lock” button”, make sure that it is not crossed out and active. On the right side of the iPad (left side of iPhone), there are volume buttons, make sure that the volume indicator is increasing as you press the volume up button.

I still can’t hear the videos!

The device has individual volume controls for the ring, alerts, messages and apps. When viewing the home screen, turn the volume all the way up. Go to Stop Acting, and play a video. While playing turn the volume all the way up. If you are still experiencing problems, you may have a software/hardware issue that may need to be serviced by Apple. Email us at if you need more help.

My iPad/iPhone app is not working, can I send you an image of the screen?

Press the “Home” button and the “Power” button on your device at the same time. Visit your “Photos” and look in the “Saved Photos” to find your screen capture. From there you can e-mail it to us at

Please remember all images, text and logos are copyright protected and you may not duplicate/print/alter any material within the app without direct written approval from Installation Media and Magazine.

Please use the “Share” button within the app to send articles and images to your friends.

How do I navigate the App?

You can explore chapter by chapter or by skipping around. Swipe across with one finger. Swipe with two fingers to quickly jump among sections or stories that you’ve bookmarked. Bookmark a page by tapping the upper right corner of the screen.

Finally, you can tap your finger on the center of the screen to bring up the navigation, including your Issues list, and a thumbnail “scrubber” at the bottom of the page where you can peruse the whole course and tap to go directly to that chapter. Tap anywhere on the page again to make the navigation go away and return to the fullscreen learning experience.

Can I download on my iPad and iPhone?

You can access the same course on multiples devices as long as you are signed into the same iTunes account the material was originally purchased with.

How do I get a refund?

Per Section A of the iTunes Store Terms and Conditions, all sales are final on the App Store.

My app is stuck at the “Processing” stage—what do I do?

This happens occasionally when the iPad interrupts the processing of the app. Typically restarting the app will resolve the issue. If not, you can always delete and re-install the app. You will never have to pay again for something you’ve already purchased, as long as you’re using the same iTunes account.


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